CALL FOR SCHOLARSHIPS – BOOTCAMP 4 Future Entrepreneurs 2017

24. 11. 2016

We award up to 10 scholarships all together in the possible amounts of:


  • 300 EUR (90 points or more)
  • 200 EUR (80 points or more)
  • 100 EUR (70 points or more)


Scholarship will be given to the best 10 evaluated candidates.

The candidate can obtain a scholarship in the amount up to max. 300 EUR, if he/she has applied  for both  weeks of  Summer School, if his/hers  age is  between 18 and 26 years of age, he/she is foreign citizen and he/she meets the following selection criteria:



  1. Motivation of candidates (max. 60 points) – on the basis of a motivational letter and a Skype interview
  2. Knowledge of English language (max. 20 points) – on the basis of a Skype interview and presentation video
  3. Recommendations (max 20 points)

A candidate can be evaluated with the maximum of 100 points what is equal to 100%.


Selection process and application deadlines:

Scholarship Committee will evaluate candidates on:

  • January 20, 2017 – for all applications received until January 15, 2017,
  • March 6, 2017 – for all applications received until March 1, 2017.
  • April 20, 2017 – for all applications received utntil April 15, 2017


 A complete application for a scholarship sent to must include:


  1. A completed application form (Click HERE)
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Recommendation letter
  4. Presentation video


Motivation letter: introduce yourself and explain why you are applying to summer school. Convince us, why you are the most suitable candidate, what are your expectations, what are your values ​​and experiences – that we can assess your curiosity, commitment, willingness to take risk, etc.

Recommendation letter: Letter from a competent person (i.e. dean, professor, business mentor, etc.) who knows you well and can assess the benefits of your participation in the summer school for your future career and personal growth.

Presentation video:  Present yourself in the best light. You can use mobile phone or other media. The image quality is not important, the content and your creativity is what matter to us.

Skype interview: Candidate will be invited for a Skype interview no later than 10 days after receiving candidate’s complete application. Date proposal for the interview will be send on candidate’s given email address. The duration of the interview will be appx. 15 minutes.

 Selection of candidates:

 Selection will be carried out by the Committee for scholarships: the dean, Director and Head of programme. Candidates will be ranked according to the points obtained in each criteria. The Committee reserves the right to give scholarships after the first application cycle (deadline: January 15, evaluation: January 20, 2017) and finish the scholarship process.


Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the candidate regarding the scholarship award will be specifically defined by the Contract on scholarships between the candidate and GEA College Faculty of Entrepreneurship. The scholarship may be granted only if the candidate applied for both weeks of the Summer school.

Submission of application:

1. Send completed application form with attachments on e – mail Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

2. Deadline for applications is January 15 and/or March 1,  and/or April 15, 2017.

3. Selected candidates will be informed of the selection in writing within eight days after the selection.

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