Application procedure

25. 01. 2016

First cycle application procedure

Call for enrolment into undergraduate study programme of the GAE College is published each year on the 31th of January for the next academic year. Candidates apply for enrolment into the undergraduate study in accordance with the deadlines and the method specified in the Call for Enrolment at the eVŠ web portal. The application and admission procedure for the first and second application deadline is managed and implemented centrally by the Application and Information Service of the University of Ljubljana. The application and admission procedure for the third application deadline is carried out by GEA College.

In application procedure candidates can be unsuccessful if:

–  The application has been sent electronically to the ESS and did not arrive in the mail;

– The application did not arrive in time, because it was submitted after the deadline;

– The application did not arrive in time, because it was received after the deadline, and the deadline was not recommended but submitted by regular mail;

– The application is received within the time limit, but has been deleted in the ESS (Electronic version not available).

In the case that the applicant did not sign the application for entry or has not attached all the relevant supplements he/she is once requested to complete the application.

Decision rejecting the application for registration is issued.

Admission requirements

Anyone that has completed the following is eligible to enrol in the GEA College of Entrepreneurship study programme 1. Cycle:

  • General matura
  • Vocational matura
  • Any four-year secondary school program before 1 June 1995

In case of limited enrolment, candidates will be selected based on:

  • Overall performance on general matura or vocational matura 60%
  • Overall performance in the third and fourth years of secondary school 40%


Candidates will receive enrolment documents, a tuition invoice and further instructions together with the admission notification.

In admission procedure candidates can be unsuccessful if:

  • They don’t meet the general requests
  • They don’t collect enough points
  • There is not enough candidates for particular programme or particular location and the programme will not be carried out

Written decision is issued.

Recognition of foreign education is regulated by Act on Assessment and Recognition of Education (Uradni list RS, št. 87/11, 97/11 – popr. in 109/12) with regard to international and bilateral agreements concluded between the Republic of Slovenia and other countries.

See more:

Recognition with a view to access to education in the Republic of Slovenia is a procedure whereby, in the course of enrolment, holders of foreign certificates and diplomas are issued decisions on recognition of their education for access to study programmes in Slovenian higher education.

The procedure is initiated by holders of foreign certificates and diplomas, wishing to pursuit higher education in one of the programmes in one of the calls for enrolment.

After the application for recognition of education is complete, the procedure should take two months at the longest. In case there are additional requirements to be made, the procedure may be prolonged.

All the relevant information regarding deadlines for applying for study, should be observed in the calls for enrolment.

Please note:

  • The former Yugoslav certificates and diplomas, obtained before June 25, 1991, are valid and are not processed within the recognition procedure;
  • The IB diplomas are recognized by the Act on General Secondary Education (OJ of RS, No. 1-07) and are not  processed within the recognition procedure;
  • The process takes 2 months
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