Entrepreneurship in the New Reality Program successfully completed

29. 03. 2021


and our webinars proved it

On Tuesday, March the 23rd, the tenth and last webinar was held. Every Tuesday late afternoon (CET), for the last two months, we had an insightful, interesting and knowledgeable hour-long experience. Starting on January the 19th, we at GEA College were both excited and on our toes. The closer the time for the first webinar came, the more we realised how important this project is. We also knew the lasting, sustainable impact it has provided for the entrepreneurial and business community. During the series of ten webinars we hosted 43 amazing experts, guests and moderators from all over the USA, Europe and Slovenia from various backgrounds, industries and business environments. Since this program was organised and set for entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are looking for new ideas, models, wishing to make new partnerships and interested in Trans-Atlantic cooperation and connections, we were extremely delighted that 700 participants joined us and expressed their need and interest for such programmes.

Let us now try to sum up the main takeaways from the program:

  • Entrepreneurs and businesspeople of all generations are hungry for educational, applicable and hands-on content that helps them grow.
  • Participants showed a great deal of engagement and interest in various topics.
  • Cooperation from the USA and Slovenia has a lot of potential and entrepreneurs will exploit a great deal of it in the future.
  • More programmes like this are needed and welcome.
  • Educational institutions play an important role in these programmes since they form the bridge between experts and audiences.
  • GEA College has further strengthened their position as an entrepreneurship empowering educational institution.
  • Partnership is the key to success of such programmes.

Special thanks goes to the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia for their wonderful support. We are definitely looking forward to future projects that will help society, entrepreneurs and individuals grow and develop further!

We would love to thank our partners WorldChicago (US), Coleman Entrepreneurship Center (US), Women in Entrepreneurship Institute (US), University of New York in Prague (CZ), Slovenian Business Club (SI), ABC Business Academy (SI), Zavod Ypsilon (SI), CEED Slovenia (SI) and SPIRIT Slovenia (SI) who made a significant contribution to this program.

The most important message of Entrepreneurship in the New Reality program, and in future programs, is definitely that we can unite, partner up, share knowledge and experience. This will allow us to grow and prosper as individuals, entrepreneurs and as business and social community in the time we call the new reality.


We invite you to watch the videos of all ten webinars on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/GEACollege11) in case you have missed them!

This project was funded, in part, through a US Embassy grant. The opinion, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed herein are those of the Authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of State.Entrepreneurship in the New Reality is a tailored-made project, aimed at sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas among entrepreneurs in the times of new reality. It aims to promote cross-national collaboration, facilitate the development of new business and enhance the Trans-Atlantic perspective.


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