ERASMUS+ Information for incoming students

Taking part in an Erasmus+ exchange program can be one of the greatest experiences in a student’s academic career!

ERASMUS experience compliments the academic knowledge gained with opportunities for personal development and help students to acquire skills needed for today’s job market.

2021/22 Erasmus+ semester Announcement

Currently the Erasmus+ program at GEA College is organized for incoming students only once a year.


The next Erasmus+ semester will be held in the Spring semester of academic year 2021/2022. We welcome all foreign students and wish you a pleasant experience at GEA College!​​


-> Nomination Deadline for Spring Semester 2021/22: November 15th, 2021

-> Application Deadline for Spring Semester 2021/22: December 15th, 2021

The Spring semester will start on February 2022.

Brochure for Erasmus+ exchange students arriving to GEA College

We welcome all students, who would like to come to GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship and GEA College – Centre of Higher Vocational Schools and share some important information with you. Please read our Brochure for Erasmus+ exchange students and get important information about:

  • GEA College
  • Slovenia
  • Ljubljana
  • Course of study
  • Living expenses
  • Accomodation
  • Residential permit
  • Health insurance

Nomination and application at GEA College

1) Nomination

Firstly, students should contact their Erasmus+ coordinators at home institution to start nomination. Nominations must be sent to GEA College Erasmus+ coordinator – Mrs. Anamarija Meglič via email

After receiveing the nomination, we organize a brief Skype interview with each incoming student in order to get to know you and ascertain your knowledge of English language. After a successful Skype interview, students can send in their Application form.

2) Application

Each student must send the Application form to the international office, with the following documents:

  • Filled out and signed Application form
  • A brief motivational letter (max 1 page);
  • Transcript of records;
  • Photo (passport size);
  • Copy of passport or personal ID, with visible date and place of birth.

Send all of the document to the following address:

GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship
International office
Dunajska 156
1000 Ljubljana

A copy of the documents in pdf must be e-mailed to Erasmus+ coordinator – Mrs. Anamarija Meglič via email

The Learning Agreement can be send over email at a later date, but BEFORE you start your mobility at GEA College.


List of avaliable courses in Spring Semester of academic year 2021/22:

Courses ECTS
(ENT) Entrepreneurship 7
(BE2) Business English 2 7
(CRE) Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship 8
(BPB) Business Plan Basic 4
(MAR) Basics of Marketing and Market Analysis 8
(IBC) Intercultural Business Communication* 6
CRM and Digital Business Intelligence** 7


Course syllabuses are available in the Brochure for incoming students via the link below.

Important: For course to be implemented, a minimum of 10 applicants is necessary.

* The course is an elective course.

** The course will be implemented on Friday/Saturday. More details will be published in September 2021.


Please note, that some changes might occur.


GEA College has no student dorms in Ljubljana. Students have to find an appropriate accommodation in one of the private apartments or youth hostels by themselves. The monthly rent costs around 200 – 400 EUR. International office sends to  the accepted international students more information about this.

For more information about finding accomodation, please see our Brochure for incoming students.


The Erasmus+ programme at GEA College is held entirely in English, but if you would like to learn Slovene, please refer to the following link: Intensive Course of Slovene for Erasmus+ Students 

Additional information

To help you with your mobility, we suggest using the Erasmus+ mobile app. It is avaliable for Apple and Android devices. For more info check here:

For more information about Slovenia and Ljubljana you can visit:

Student Guidebook

The Student Guidebook will help to ensure that you make the most of your Erasmus experience! It will explain to you the different opportunities to go abroad and your rights and obligations as an Erasmus+  student. It will also give you guidance on what and when you need to prepare to get full recognition of your studies abroad!

What do incoming  ERASMUS+ students say about experience at GEA College?

Barbora Handlikova, Newton College, Czech Republic; academic year 2019/20
Xavier Didienne, Fondation La Mache, France; academic year 2019/20
Sylvain GOUGNOT, Fondation La Mache, France; academic year 2017/18
Lene Wagner, THM, Nemčija; academic year 2016/17
Álvaro García Millán, Jorge Pola Criado and Alejandro Torres Aragón - University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain; academic year 2016/17
Tihana Hanžić Milatović - University of Applied Sciences Baltazar, Zaprešič, Croatia; spring semester 2016/17
Goua Thibaut - IPAC, Annecy, France; academic year 2016/17
Milica Kostova Ristova - University American College Skopje, Macedonia; spring semester 2016/17
Lene Wagner - THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester 2016/17
Marleen Geller - THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester 2015/16
Michael Schmidt - THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester 2015/16
Tim Rolshausen - THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester 2015/16



Mrs Anamarija Meglič, ERASMUS+ institutional coordinator
Tel.: +386 1 5881 327


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