Experience at GEA College

18. 02. 2016

What incoming  ERASMUS+ students say about experience at GEA College?

Marleen Geller – THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester of academic year 2015/16

I feel sLOVEnia

When I started my journey towards the unknown country somewhere between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, I had no idea what to expect. I got sorted into the Erasmus+ Program in Ljubljana by chance but decided to stay open and positive. In retrospect, this has been the best thing that could have happened to me.

When I heard about the College I was going to attend, I felt quite excited to visit a school that would be focusing on the entrepreneurial part of an economics study. Due to the fact that this would fit my study in Germany very well and the many positive responses from students that had already been there before, I was critically optimistic that my semester abroad would be a time worth the little risk.

Even before I had arrived in Slovenia, the contact to my Erasmus Coordinator in Ljubljana was nice and always helpful. The organization on site was hats off great. For every question regarding the program, the studies, the agreements or grade conversions, an answer was quickly found. The lecturers were professional and the content of my courses really interesting. Especially the understanding of language difficulties made the shared time a success. Additionally, the college gave us international students a family atmosphere by providing us with very nice local mentors who made us feel welcomed and part of the city. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that the vast majority of international students felt comfortable and happy in the streets of Ljubljana with its bridges, small cafés, pubs and nice people.

In my opinion, Ljubljana is the best place to spend a semester abroad. The city provides you with an amazing community of open-minded young people, a vibrant nightlife and the best: the perfect location to travel through whole Europe! It will only take you a few hours by car to visit Budapest, Venice, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Vienna and many more places to see. Also the country itself will leave you speechless with its beautiful landscapes including mountain lakes or the cost.

147.445 minutes, 2.456 hours, 102 days.

It took even less to make me fall in love with this beautiful city!




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