Course of study


Risk Management and Corporate Security


Course of Study

Compulsory courses 

Subject ECTS
1. Year
Corporate Security Management 8
The GEO-Strategic and Business Aspects of Security Risks in The International Business Environment 8
Information Society and Dilemmas of Personal Data Protection 7
Finance in Risk Management in Financial Sector 7
Economics of Risk Management in Business Environment 9
Safety Standards and Quality in Business Processes 9
Research Methods 7
Elective course 1 5
2. Year
Use of risk management tools 8
Information Forensics 8
System of Planning and Developing Corporate Security 9
Elective course 2 5
Elective course 3 5
Study Practicum
Master’s Thesis 20

Elective course

Subject ECTS
Pricing 5
Systematic Approach for Improvements in Organizations using Theory of Constrains 5
Human Resource Management Risk 5
Environmental Aspects of the Corporative Security 5
Business Intelligence and Protection of Business Information 5
Information Security and Business Continuity 5
Negotiations and Persuasion
Business Environment and Business Ethics 5
Project Management 5
Managing Growing Company 5
Opportunities for Information Society and Technology (Tools and Business Models) 5
Pricing and Competition Law 5
Innovative Market Communication 5
Nevromarketing 5

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