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Digital Marketing programme

Application and Enrolment Conditions

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DURATION OF STUDY: 3 years (6 semesters) and  180 ECTS.

ACQUIRED PROFESSIONAL TITLE: Bachelor of Digital Marketing (Higher Education).

LOCATION OF STUDY PROGRAMME: Programme is implemented in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

MODE AND TYPE OF STUDYPart – Time  (Traditional study)

Enrolment Application Deadlines:

1st application deadline: from 6 February to 25 July 2018

2nd application deadline: from 1 August to 30 September 2018 or until reaching the programme capacity.

Application Process:

The enrolment application must be submitted via the national online application – eVŠ

Foreign citizens must enclose attachments to the application until the closing of the first application deadline and the closing of the second application deadline.

If the candidate applies:

1. with a qualified digital certificate, they do not send their printed application form via postal service – they only apply for enrolment via the eVŠ portal until the closing of the application deadline. They must submit via postal service to the higher education institution the attachments, which are requested by the process documentation (the attachments must be equipped with a reference number of their enrolment application);

2. without a qualified digital certificate (with a username and a password), they must submit the electronic form of the enrolment application via the eVŠ portal until the closing of the application deadline.

The completed application form must be printed, signed and enclosed with the attachments, which are requested by the process documentation, and sent via registered postal service to the higher education institution two days at the latest after the deadline, set for submitting an electronic application form via the eVŠ portal.The applications submitted in time are considered 1) those, which are completed and submitted with a digital signature via the eVŠ portal before the closing of the application deadline and 2) those, which are completed via the eVŠ portal before the closing of the application deadline, printed in the same form as the text in the final submitted eVŠ form, signed and forwarded via registered mail to the higher education institution two days at the latest after the deadline as set for the electronic submission of the form via the eVŠ portal.

Regardless of the type of application submission the candidate must forward the requested attachments via postal service to the following address: GEA College – Fakulteta za podjetništvo, Dunajska 156, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Certified copies of education certificates and other requested documents by the notary or administrative unit of the enrolment process shall be valid as proof of meeting enrolment conditions.

A student may apply for the recognition of their knowledge and skills of relevant fields, which they acquired in other environments, at the competent board in their enrolment in the study programme.

Procedures and methods of recognition are defined in the Rules on Recognition of Education and Skills.

Enrolment Deadlines:

1. enrolment deadline: from 26 July to 30 August 2018 – enrolment of subsequently accepted candidates after the first application deadline: until 30 September 2018.

2. enrolment deadline: from 1 September to 30 September 2018 – enrolment of subsequently accepted candidates after the second application deadline: until 30 October 2018.

Pursuant to a completed application the candidates will receive an invitation to the enrolment process via postal service.

Enrolment due to justifiable reasons will be available until 30 October 2018, if this is decided by the competent authority of the GEA College – FP. Regardless of the justifiable reason the candidate must submit their application by 30 September 2018.


Additional Services and Offer:

The Faculty offers additional services to the first-cycle students: introductory day, Slovenian and foreign guest lecturers, use of library, international exchange programme to over 30 partner institutions, tutelage, Career Centre support, the Alumni Club, excursions and other student activities. The study programme is supported by a modern e-portal with access to study content 24 per day and the current technological support for the field of digital marketing.



Enrolment conditions for first year of study

The enrolment condition for the first year of study is the successfully completed general or vocational Matura examination or the final examination of any four-year secondary education programme.

Enrolment conditions for second year of study

The bachelors of higher education professional study programmes from the field of economy, business or any other similar field, enrolled after 1994, can be enrolled directly to the second year of study. During their studies they must take two (2) differential examinations of the first year of study subjects – Entrepreneurship and Establishing a Company (7 ECTS) and Marketing and Market Analysis (6 ECTS), accumulating 13 ECTS. The bachelors of other (unrelated) higher education professional study programmes, enrolled after 1994, must during their studies they take three (3) differential examinations of the first year of study subjects – Entrepreneurship and Establishing a Company (7 ECTS), Marketing and Market Analysis (6 ECTS) and ABCs of Economics (6 ECTS), accumulating 19 ECTS. Lectures and the differential examinations will be organised at the Faculty.

Candidates, who are enrolled based on recognised examinations, which were acquired at other higher education study programmes or first-cycle programmes, can be enrolled directly to the second year of study, if they acquired examination in the scope of 30 ECTS for the part-time study programme.

Enrolment conditions are also met by equally recognised education at foreign education institutions. Candidates, who have acquired the decision on recognition of foreign education or the nostrification, must act in accordance with the instructions on submitting certificates of meeting the enrolment conditions and send the decisions and certificates to the Faculty address.


Candidates, who did not yet obtain the decision of recognition of foreign education must submit the electronic application form at the eVŠ website:, which shall be considered as an application of the recognition of foreign education. Candidates, who will submit an incomplete application form, will be contacted individually via postal service or e-mail to provide the requested attachments.

Documentation of Recognition Process:

  1. Original document (or a duplicate or any other document in pursuant to the legislation of the country, which issued the document, and can serve as an original) of completed previous education of the student, applying for the study programme and requests the recognition of access, application and treatment rights in the enrolment process regarding the continuation of the studies. The original must be legalised based on: The Hague Convention from 1961 (at the local jurisdiction court, where the document was issued) with a correctly issued APOSTILLE; or the Act on Verification of Documents in International Traffic (ZOLMP).
  2. Non-certified copy of document on education from the previous paragraph. 3. Certified translations of education documents from the first paragraph – as requested by an authorised person.
  3. Non-certified copy of content and duration of education and fulfilled obligations during education.
  4. A short chronological description of education.

The list of documentation, which is required for the recognition process, can differ according to the country, which issued the education documents, therefore we suggest the candidates to consult the faculty about the detailed list of documentation or any information about the recognition process beforehand.

Pursuant to the Assessment and Recognition of Education Act (The Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 87/2011, No. 97/2011 – rev. and No. 109/2012) the deadline for issuing the decision on the recognition of the education is two months after receiving the complete application. A candidate, who submitted the application for recognition in a timely manner, yet there is a possibility they will not receive the decision before 30 September 2017, is advised to submit to the faculty a request for rescheduling the enrolment deadline due to justifiable reasons.

In case of limited enrolment, the candidates for enrolment by the standards for transferring between the study programmes will be selected according to their average score at the previous study programme and the number of available programme capacity.

Programme Capacity:

Digital Marketing – 1st Cycle Part-Time (Ljubljana)
1st Year 100
2nd Year 40

The part-time study programme of the first year will be organised if at least 20 students are accepted.

In case of the limited enrolment the candidates (at the request of the faculty) submit their certificates of meeting the enrolment conditions (certificates from the 3rd and 4th year of their secondary education or a certificate of complete examinations of the higher education study programme, which include the average score of the examinations).

In case of the decision on limited enrolment the candidates shall be selected according to the following conditions:

  • General performance on final examination, vocational or general Matura examination – 60 %
  • General performance in the 3rd and 4th year of secondary education – 40 %.

Programme Capacity for Slovenian Students without Slovenian Citizenship and Foreign Students:

Digital Marketing – 1st Cycle Part-Time (Ljubljana)
1st Year 15
2nd Year 5
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