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Programme Entrepreneurship in Perspective Sectors


Don’t see yourself in a typical nine to five job? Do you want to build a career in the fastest growing industries? Entrepreneurship in Perspective Sectors will prepare you for success!


After Slovenia’s independence and after transitioning into a market economy, the Slovenian economy is now preparing for a new major change, ie. transition to a new, more sustainable and environmentally friendly economy. Emerging as the most promising sectors are entrepreneurship, tourism and marketing!

While studying Entrepreneurship in Perspective Sectors at GEA College, we will help you develop business and entrepreneurial skills, as well as teach you specialized knowledge in tourism and marketing. We will encourage your innovation, creativity, communication ability and project management. In short, we will equip you with the knowledge to succeed. Join us, the future belongs to the enterprising!

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The programme places great emphasis on practical lessons, as learning is based on numerous case studies from real-life companies, who present real-world problems in everyday business and challenges of the future (including 180 hours of obligatory internship in Year 3). You too will be involved in these challenges and will try to find solutions! You will contribute ideas and develop them with your colleagues under the mentorship of experienced professionals. You will have access to the GEA College Incubator and many successful alumni who always come to your rescue! You will not only leave your studies with a diploma in your pocket, but with experience that will help you meet the challenges in your entrepreneurial journey.



Individual consultation – APPLY HERE

Individual consultation:

Find out if GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship is right for you by attending an Individual meeting throughout the year. The programme staff will explain the programme and answer your questions via collaboration platform.

Book your meeting via form or email: info@gea-college.si

If you are international applicant, contact GEA College International Office Representative via email: Polona.Gacnik@gea-college.si


  • you are ambitious, full of ideas and want to write your own success story by starting your business in fast growing industries,
  • you want to grow your family business and reap success in foreign markets,
  • you want to take over managing a department or project in a larger system,
  • you see yourself as a manager in larger companies, at home or abroad.



After graduating you will be ready for your own entrepreneurial journey! We will equip you with all the knowledge you need to start your own business, run an existing business or continue the entrepreneurial journey you started while studying!

Entrepreneurship allows for a greater freedom and creation of one’s own business path and as such is a great alternative to other professions. Marketing and tourism, however, are among the most promising industries with enormous entrepreneurial potential.



Personal Contact

Contact person:
Maruša Malovič


Phone: + 386 1 5881 326

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