International Professional study programme (1st cycle) of Entrepreneurship

07. 01. 2016

The main goal of the educational program is to encourage business thinking and activities among young people.

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the study of entrepreneurs and the process they undertake in starting and building a success business. In today’s global business environment this process has become a key to the growth of modern economies and thus a necessary part of national development strategies. For individuals, entrepreneurship has become an excellent career path and opportunity for future wealth creation.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who possess the skills to be an innovator, developer and performer. This individual recognizes a need, plans, brings resources together and implements their plan in an efficient and effective manner. Successful entrepreneurs realize that these required skills and not a “one time set”, their development is on-going and a never ending process. The value of an entrepreneurial education is also on-going and adds value to the business and the community that it establishes itself into.

Choosing where and what to study isn’t always easy and it mainly depends on your own wishes, goals, professional and personal ambitions. The programs at GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship will help you make your choice!

The main objective of the GEA program is to encourage individual business thinking and inspire business activities among young people. The intention of the program is to encourage young people to develop business opportunities and eventual open their own company. During the course of the program the students develop general skills in the field of entrepreneurship, economics and management as well as specific skills for entrepreneurship: international cooperation, management, innovation, creativity, business growth, project management, marketing, and finance.

Throughout the whole study process theoretical knowledge is combined with practical experience (case studies, team problem solving, classroom visits by successful entrepreneurs, and student exchanges with foreign universities). These methods have proved to be excellent educational process to prepare our students for a successful career as an entrepreneur.

The students and professors come to GEA College from different countries, providing a truly multicultural atmosphere. The program is ideal to stimulate new venture formation and rapid growth of small business.

The International Professional study programme (1st cycle) of Entrepreneurship  serves as a springboard for young people who are aware of the necessity for international activity and the opportunities offered. Besides gaining knowledge, students also develop an international network of contacts with markets, companies and experts.

The study course is harmonized with the Bologna Declaration and is therefore comparable to similar programs in Europe. Our students are recognized worldwide for their education, knowledge, competence and business acumen.

Many of our graduates succeed in enrolling in demanding international and national postgraduate programs. Others are achieving reputable results as managers or are respected members of various organizations while more than 20 percent of our students set up their own business immediately after completing their studies.

Basic Goals of the Program

The main goal of the educational program is to encourage business thinking and activities among young people.

“Two important factors for everyone these days are knowledge and education, because they can open doors and create opportunities. This is why the wide range of acquired information and stimulation of curiosity, creativity and ambitiousness are the most important added value that an educational institution can offer to its students. In so doing, an institution also enhances its reputation in both the professional and public arena. Additionally, it is also important that an institution assures an exchange of Slovenian and foreign expertise and experience, which in turn ensures that the students become well-versed and the educational programmes more enriched.
I have been invited several times as a guest to GEA College of Entrepreneurship where the student gatherings have made a lasting impression on me.”

Zoran Jankovič, Major of Ljubljana

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