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The UPI Foundation was established on 12 May 1996 with the constituent instrument of the Institution for the development of entrepreneurial education UPI with a registered office in Ljubljana, Dunajska 156.
The foundation was established as a civil society initiative of its 34 founding members. The founders established the foundation with a conviction that a faster leap into a society of innovation is only possible if as many students as possible are given the opportunity to acquire knowledge from the field of entrepreneurship and creativity in the framework of graduate and postgraduate forms of education.
GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship as the first entrepreneurial school in this part of Europe committed itself to supporting the foundation financially and ensuring technical support for its operation.


In the future, our activities will be oriented towards:

acquiring public and private sources in order to ensure the realisation of the UPI Foundation objectives,

continuing to develop the system of scholarships and loans for young people and adults in Slovenia and abroad,

identifying and engaging with interesting business and innovation projects among young people, such as forums, business incubators, projects of the Association of Entrepreneurial Students – AES, SIFE etc.,

encouraging innovative research and development among young people in relation to the economy and with the help of the R&D Institute in the framework of the GEA College educational system.

General Information

Title: Foundation for the Development of Entrepreneurial Education UPI

Short title: UPI Foundation

Address: Dunajska 156, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tax number: 18223141 (not liable for VAT)

Registration number: 5982600

Activity: 91,330 – activities of other organisations

Business account: 02011-0017454291

Personal Contact

Nataša Urbanija

Contact person:
Nataša Urbanija


Phone: +386 1 5881 300

Fax: +386 1 5688 213

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