Youth Entrepreneur National Competition

The Youth Entrepreneur Competition

The Youth Entrepreneur Competition is specifically for high school students who wish to develop their knowledge of entrepreneurship and business. Their assignments will entail development of their own business ideas, drafting performance analysis and own argumentation at public presentations.


Competition Presentation

Groups of students draft their project assignments and present their own business ideas – performance analyses – that they have prepared with their mentors using multimedia tools. The aim of the “Youth Entrepreneur” competition is to exchange of experience among lecturers, mentors and students, as well as to encourage a sense of entrepreneurship with the youth, training them in recognising and realising market opportunities.

The competition is closely intertwined with the study plans of subjects from the files of economics at high schools. The theory, acquired in school, is implemented in practice when drafting performance analyses. Their work is closely guided by their teachers and/or mentors.

It is a public presentation that encourages the youth to prepare as much as possible in the files of public speaking and multimedia presentation of their business ideas. The collaboration during the competition enables them to compare their achievements with others.

Groups of up to five students can participate in the competition. A group of students develops a business idea and drafts the performance analysis. Individual secondary education establishments prepare a selection of national competition, which is organised by the GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship and its partners in the form of semi-finals and finals.



The competition has the following 3 stages:

  1. Preliminary selection: collecting and reviewing applications from high schools.
  2. Semi-finals: expert national commission.
  3. Finals: final selection of national competition.


Personal Contact

Contact person:
Emanuela Eduard Muhič


Phone: +386 1 5881 369

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