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GEA College –  Centre of Vocational Schools is a modern educational centre offering advanced knowledge that gives our graduates a competitive edge in the labour market. Professional higher education programmes provide innovative knowledge and in addition to the standard study also the e-study.

GEA College –  Centre of Vocational Schools is one of the first private educational institutions (the first generation of students enrolled in the academic year 2001/2002) that implemented higher education programmes in the Republic of Slovenia. Currently, GEA College – Centre of Vocational Schools carries out five higher education programmes implemented in the form of standard study or distance learning. The Centre of Vocational Schools wants to provide every student with professional knowledge to be able to successfully work in a dynamic business environment that calls for continuous adjustments due to its constant changes.

The target characteristics of the graduate of the College Centre are as follows: expert knowledge, independence, commitment, quality and self-confidence. The study comprises lectures (standard or on-line), consultations, study trips, student meetings, discussions, and interviewswith guests, field exercises, etc. There is a 24/7 contemporary information system with study and other content, electronic student’s transcript and forums available for students. A combination of different methods of study enables better adjustment to the wishes and capabilities of individuals, as well as provides the acquisition of a broad range of competence for a more quality operation and start of the business career.

GEA College – Centre of Vocational Schoolse understands the importance of a European area and with its ERASMUS+ programme enables students to study and follow their professions at the partner institutions in different countries. Within the scope of the student exchange, the students make new contacts, learn new languages, get to know different cultures and customs, prepare themselves for international cooperation and deepen their knowledge in various professional fields.

The relationships between the lecturers, students and the Centre of Vocational Schools management are relaxed, since there are many social meetings and business networkings. The management and lecturers of the the Centre of Vocational Schools stimulate a positive approach to work and always try to find a compromise with the students. They create a place of harmony, cooperation and trust, since they believe that the integration is a cornerstone of good and successful business experience today and in future.

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Anamarija Meglič


Phone: +386 1 5881 327

Fax: +386 1 5688 213

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