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The GEA College Research Institute is a private institute of national importance which is active in the field of entrepreneurship. For more than twenty years the institute has been cooperating in numerous national and international applied and research projects with the aim to transfer new knowledge and findings into real life, into all spheres of sustainable development of society, as well as into the teaching work at the faculty.

By cooperating in projects the participating university teachers strengthen their research competences. Students are included in the projects as well – either as the target group of the research or as active participants who cooperate in the project.

Our goal is to research the latest trends in entrepreneurship, particularly from the aspect of development, management and growth of enterprises, project management, marketing, finances and the intense cooperation with employees and partners.



The mission of the Research Institute is to develop new knowledge through research in the wider field of entrepreneurship and to transfer this knowledge into real life, which will result in a tighter link between science and the economy.


The Research Institute will become a renowned entrepreneurial scientific-research institute whose main field of work will be interdisciplinary research.

The long-term development vision of the RI is a permanent cooperation with partners who have the same interests and strive towards excellence. Our goal is to become a centre of knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, which operates closely with similar knowledge institutions in Slovenia and abroad.


The values of the Research Institute are: to carry out research and operate in accordance with the principle of ethics, to establish fair relationships with all participants, the respect of the colleagues’ integrity, inventiveness and promotion of innovation.

Personal Contact

Contact person:
prof. dr. Ajda Fošner – Director of Research Institute


Phone: +386 1 5881 332

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