Research Activity


The institute carries out development-research projects in the field of entrepreneurship and all related fields. It carries out basic, applied, development and other projects in the wider field of entrepreneurship and offers professional, counselling and other services which are funded by public funds or by the clients who order research and other projects.


In accordance with its mission the institute’s main activities are:


  • The development of new basic and applied knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and related disciplines.
  • Basic, applied and development research.
  • Assistance in the transfer of knowledge from GEA College to users, particularly the economy, public agencies, the state and the local government.
  • Activities related to the development and the functioning of research infrastructure.
  • The presentation of research and development achievements of researchers who operate within the institute to the national and the international public.
  • The education and training in the field of research, development and innovation.
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