The GEA College library offers rental of literature, professional literature, case studies and magazines.

The GEA College library offers a wide selection of different literature. It offers predominately material from the field of entrepreneurshipmanagementeconomy, finance and business sciences.

Library also contains Slovenian and foreign serial publications along the monographic publications.

Our users are offered informational inquiries and interlibrary loan for material, which is not available at our library. Our visitors can perform search among the database of Slovenian and foreign publications.




3 p.m. – 7 p.m.


3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

(second Saturday of the month)

Outside of opening hours, you can pick up pre-ordered books in the student office, where you can also return borrowed books.

Order the book by email: When the material is ready, we will notify you via e-mail. The message will also indicate when the books are waiting for you.

We invite you to take advantage of the possibilities that we offer you in the online environment as well.

– Ask a question to which you cannot find the answer in the catalog and we will answer you by e-mail.
– Subscribe to the library via e-mail.
– Get the password for the Emerald database and access full texts from home, write to Emerald Premier is a collection of all subscription magazines from Emerald Publishing. It contains 308 journals in which there are      more than 200,000 contributions from the fields of economics, marketing, logistics, mechanical engineering, education, information sciences, tourism, organizational sciences, health and environmental sciences.
– Find material in our library catalog and order it for home loan. We can also send the material to you by post, the price of a package of 1 book is 5 EUR.
– Submit a request for interlibrary loan – see the price list of the GEA Library. We have taken care of the safety of both users and employees in the library premises.

Library Catalogue and Literature Collection

List of Magazines and Online Newspapers,
Local Catalogues
Dissertation Collection
List and Links to Other Libraries

Research Bibliographies

Research bibliography is a list of their published works, which is organised by the valid typology. Evaluation of their research success of individuals and research groups is graded by the research bibliography.

The COBISS.SI system includes bibliographies of all Slovenian researches by the unified typology, which is recorded in the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). This enables rationality in bibliographic analysis, more complete registration and better review of results in the research activity as well as the possibility of using unified criteria in evaluating results of the research activity.

Bibliography of individual researches is available (also in English) for a selected period and in selected format for deletion form the COBIB.SI database.

Researchers can use the SICRIS website to create a report on the categorisation of their works according to the ARRS methodology:

  • click “Iskanje/Raziskovalci” (Search/Researchers),
  • find by the researcher’s name or code
  • under “Dejavnost/Bibliografija” (Activity/Bibliography), click “Kategorizacija znanstvenih publikacij po metodologiji ARRS” (Categorisation of Scientific Work according to ARRS Methodology)

Carefully read Additional Explanations with important links and information on the evaluation methodology of the research success.

Novelties and Alterations are currently being prepared regarding the evaluation of bibliography indicators. Among other, the ARRS will appropriately consider conference contributions in categorization and evaluation in the future.

We ask you regularly monitor the status of your records due to possible changes in categorisation and verification of your work due to partially automated processes, interventions of your co-authors and the OSIC control.


Habilitation Bibliographies
Instructions for Issuing Works
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