Information package for incoming students

We welcome all foreign students and wish you a pleasant experience!

Taking part in an Erasmus+ exchange program can be one of the greatest experiences in a student’s academic career!


ERASMUS experience compliments the academic knowledge gained with opportunities for personal development and help students to acquire skills needed for today’s job market.

The Student Guidebook will help to ensure that you make the most of your Erasmus experience! ​It will explain to you the different opportunities to go abroad and your rights and obligations as an Erasmus+  student. It will also give you guidance on what and when you need to prepare to get full recognition of your studies abroad!

Brochure for Erasmus+ exchange students arriving to GEA College

We would like to welcome all students who would like to come to GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship and GEA College – Centre of Higher Vocational Schools and share some important information with you.

Please read our Brochure for Erasmus+ exchange students and obtain important information about:

  • GEA College
  • Slovenia
  • Ljubljana
  • Course of study
  • Living expences
  • Accomodation
  • Residential permit
  • Health insurance


What incoming  ERASMUS+ students say about experience at GEA College?

Lene Wagner - THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester of academic year 2016/17
Michael Schmidt - THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester of academic year 2015/16
Tim Rolshausen - THM (University of Applied Sciences), Germany; winter semester of academic year 2015/16


Application Forms

Each student must send the following forms to the international office:

  1. Application form with requested documents 
  2. Learning agreement , Guidelines

Application Deadlines

For winter semester – at the latest by July, 31 (winter semester for Erasmus+ students starts around October,20)

Orientation Day / Arrival Dates

Orientation day is organized for the new incoming students. Students are asked to arrive in time to participate in the orientation day, which is especially organized for them. 


GEA College has no student dorms in Ljubljana. Students have to find an appropriate accommodation in one of the private apartments or youth hostels by themselves. The monthly rent costs around 150 – 300 EUR. International office sends to  the accepted international students more information about this.

Courses 2017/18


Subject Semester ECTS
Entrepreneurship W 7
Business Economics W 8
Business Mathematics and Statistics W 8
Business English 1 W 7
Marketing strategy W 6
Intercultural Business Communication W 6
Business plan Basics W 4
How to raise money for start-up W 6

There still might occur some changes in offered courses.


Mrs Maja Peharc, ERASMUS+ institutional coordinator
Tel.: +386 1 5881 327
Fax: +386 1 5688 213

Mrs Neža Jurčević, student affairs office for international students
Tel.: +386 1 5881 339
Fax: +386 1 5688 213 

GEA College
Dunajska 156
1000 Ljubljana 

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