International Summer School 2022

Come and join us on GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship – a special business adventure in Ljubljana from 06.06.2022-10.06.2022

TOPIC: FUN + Entrepreneurship in summer in charming Slovenia

GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022 will be implemented together in partnership with Baltazar Zaprešić University from Croatia and University of New York in Prague from the Czech Republic.

GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022 will address knowledge, skills and techniques students need in the world of entrepreneurship and global business in times of new reality. The agenda will feature a set of innovative workshops, round tables and discussions, where students will work to develop their own business idea and solve real business challenges. Moreover they will have the opportunity to visit and learn from renowned local and international companies. In addition to that, participants may explore Slovenia as part of comprehensive touristic experience, which provides a special added value to the content.

GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022 is part of Blended Intensive Program under Erasmus+ programme.

Focus points:

  • featuring unique course content, tailored at doing business in new reality;
  • providing practical knowledge, skills and innovative practices via innovative teaching methods;
  • promoting and developing entrepreneurial mindset in times of new reality;
  • developing a creative business idea and plan;
  • launching and presenting the idea on the competitive global market;
  • creating business model taking in consideration financial concepts;
  • comprehensive touristic experience with trips and excursions – exploring Ljubljana and Slovenia.

Who can apply?

The programe is designed for:


  • Erasmus+ Partner Universites students**,
  • any other international student.  




Please note that the number of participants is limited.

**Applicants should contact their respective International Office for confirmation if your Institution is our Erasmus+ Partner University.


Reserve your time  from Monday, June 06 till Friday, June 10, 2022.

GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurshipter 2022 is a 5-day programe (Monday – Friday). However, we have provided students with two additional days for arrival and departure.


Sunday, 5.6.2022: Arrivals


Skills learned: Understanding how to succesfully build a business model, what is business model CANVAS as well as what kind of segments does it contain.


Skills learned: Understanding and application of the concepts of business model and one-page business plan.

Wednesday, 08.6.2022: FROM IDEA TO THE MARKET

Skills learned: Get to know marketing tools that help with the creation of marketing strategy, what is marketing tunnel and get to know practices of companies with good marketing strategy.

Thursday, 09.06.2022: FIELD TRIP AND COMPANY VISIT

Skills learned: Understanding how slovene start up companies dealt with COVID-19 challenges by visiting one of them.


Skills learned: Understanding and application of elevator pitch as a presentation technique.

Saturday, 11.6.2022: Departures


Virtual component will be added to the program. Detailed agenda with timeline will be provided to applicants.




Exploring of Ljubljana and Slovenia

Besides the innovative programe, students participating at GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022 will also get the chance to explore Slovenia and its capital. Ljubljana was crowned with title of Green Capital of 2016 and is known for its vibrant city life. Magnificent Ljubljana castle is representing  rich history and culture of the city. Ljubljana is famous also for its culinary richness. In spring, every Friday there is an event called Open Kitchen, where various slovenian restaurants are offering its specialities. It is a must see visit. To get away from city life students will get the opportunity to visit also Slovene coastal towns as well as unique island of Bled.

Let Slovenia impress and enchant you.

Dragon bridge in Ljubljana
Coastal town of Piran
Unique island of Bled






Applications are open till Tuesday, May 31st, 2022.




Minimum number of participants for GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022 is 15. Should the number or received applications be lower than 15, the organizer may implement the right to change the dates, content or cancel GEA College International Summer School -FUNtrepreneurship 2022 . All candidates will be duly informed on the preparation of GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022 and any possible alterations.

COVID-19 Clause: The organizer is exercising the right to make all necesarry changes to the content, dates, prices or any other part, important for implementation of the GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022  in case of “force majeure” related to COVID-19 situation. 


Useful information

Program is free of charge, accomodation and meals are not provided.





Get In Touch:
Send us an email or get in touch via phone.

Polona Gačnik, Head of the program
T: + 386 31 679 155

GEA College International Summer School – FUNtrepreneurship 2022 is a part of Blended Intensive Program under Erasmus+ programme.














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