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Quality company education and in-company programmes improve business success and results.

The GEA College has for many years accompanied and monitored numerous Slovenian and foreign companies and their employees. By organising educational workshops and seminars it conveys current and professional knowledge, which assist the management and their employees within company to solve the problems of modern business and offer suitable mechanisms for efficient business solutions.

Trainings of this kind are a key element of lifelong education, which stands for essential advantage and additional opportunities for expansion and realisation of business goals in the modern times of fast progress and implementation of change.

We offer tailored trainings located in the companies, in the GEA College building or any other location.

The GEA College organises workshops for companies and their employees, which can last one day or several days. Training is adapted to the needs and wishes of the company employees. We organise a goal-oriented educational plan with a guarantee of success.
The GEA College approaches are always unique and differ from standard approaches of other educational institutions. During the training lecturers and motivation team try to discover with each individual their endowments and talents, they are encouraged in expressing personal ideas and competencies, which can become their competitive advantage on the market.

Contact us and together we will organise an ideal educational programme, which will help your company acquire the needed knowledge for turning your business into a better one in a quick and effective method.

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Monika Strahovnik


Phone: 01 / 5302 470


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