Programme presentation


Catering and tourism

Programme presentation

The objective of the study

The aim is to provide advanced knowledge in the field of promising industries of catering and tourism, and to train an individual for successful work and development of innovative ideas in these and related fields.

The acquired title after the graduation: organiser of management in catering and tourism


The higher education programme – Catering and Tourism

  • educates the organisers of management in catering and tourism with broad professional-theoretical and practical-applicable knowledge in the field of catering and tourism;
  • combines the knowledge of various fields; foreign languages, economy, management, communication, law, information science, ethnology, ecology and gastronomy;
  • promotes a positive approach to work and teamwork;
  • combines the knowledge in management, planning, organisation and control of work processes;
  • stimulates the self-confidence and determination in solving the actual professional issues;
  • links the understanding of the meaning of advanced marketing, efficient operation and good organisation within the field of catering and tourism;
  • provides the familiarisation with computer tools and contemporary software for data processing that are needed for operation analysis and planning of work processes in the field of catering and tourism.

The acquisition of competence:

  • acquisition of generic and professional – specific competence in the professional field of catering and tourism;
  • knowledge of basic economic legality and legal regulations in catering and tourism;
  • proficiency in foreign languages;
  • the ability to design tourism products and organisation of events;
  • acquisition of knowledge for the independent management of trips, organisation and facilitation of events;
  • knowledge for an independent and successful management of work processes in a hotel household or its department;
  • understanding the meaning of complementary tourism activities to design and attain a more diverse offer;
  • acquisition of ability of independent decision-making and critical thinking;
  • understanding and knowing the situation in the market and in catering and tourism companies, and acquisition of knowledge to recognise the quality and promising tourism areas and premises.

Personal Contact

Contact person:
Anamarija Meglič


Phone: +386 1 5881 327

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