Economist – Insurance field of study

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Economist – Insurance field of study

In this insecure world, insurance is incredibly necessary for risk reduction. Educate yourself for the profession of the future!


When someone mentions insurance, most of us first think about car insurance or real-estate insurance. Yet, these are only two of the many valuables we can insure – the list gets longer and longer as time goes by. A farmer must insure his crops due to global warming and unpredictable weather; and a soccer player or a model must insure their valuable legs from injuries.

The Economist – Insurance programme promises to give you an in-depth understanding of the insurance market and the different types of insurance. You will learn about all insurance products in detail, giving you sovereignty and independence to work with clients and advise them on selecting the best insurance. In this insecure world, you will be the one offering your clients security!


This programme focuses on practice, including over 400 hours of practical training per year. Learning is based on case studies of real companies, facing real issues in everyday business and challenges of the future, as well as successfully solving them. You will get to participate in these solutions! Your ideas will be developed in participation with your colleagues and mentors. You will finish your studies with more than a diploma in your pocket – you will leave with experience to help you tackle challenges on your future career path.


This programme is for you if:

  • you wish to gain fundamental knowledge on how the insurance and finance market functions,
  • you need practical and useful knowledge from the field of insurance law, concluding property and personal insurance, resolving all types of damage cases and basics in risk assessment.


Various groups of insurance and finance products will be introduced in detail.

Economist – Insurance field of study

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Maruša Malovič


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