Organiser of social network

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Organiser of social network

The Social Network Organiser – a promising vocation and a life’s mission.

The study programme offers a profound understanding of orientation and structure of the contemporary society. It promotes the aspiration to raise the quality of life and the inclusion of individuals or groups into a social network.

The study programme includes practical exercises and promotes the acquisition of real experience with people who are not so well incorporated in the social environment. Within the scope of the study there are organised visits to societies, humanitarian and non-governmental organisations, retirement homes and other assistance centres.

Development of business ambitions within the scope of social entrepreneurship.

The study fosters the development of communication skills and practical knowledge to create a social network, and provides knowledge that enables an individual to understand and recognise social needs and comprehend the legal aspect and management of documentation in the social field.

The study is intended to those who strive to fulfil their business ambitions within the scope of social entrepreneurship, who want to make a career in assisting the people of different age who need support, and to the employees in the field of social security who want to gain knowledge in organising and coordinating social prevention, and assistance to all who want to build their careers in this field.

In addition to study tasks, the students are offered other activities; international student exchange (study or practical training) at over 30 partner institutions, BodyReading programme workshop, the Career Centre assistance, tutorship, the Alumni club, excursions and other student interests.

Organiser of social network

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Maruša Malovič


Phone: +386 1 5881 326

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