Programme presentation


Organiser of social network

Programme presentation

The objective of the study

The aim is to provide specialised knowledge in the field of organising the activities of social assistance and social legislation, as well as other social institutes and institutions.Another goal is to train an individual for a successful cooperation in implementing the activities of social prevention. 

The acquired title after the graduation: Social Network Organiser


Higher education programme – Social Network Organiser

  • combines the knowledge to implement and create social assistance programmes that try to include an individual or group in the social network;
  • promotes the organisation and participation in programmes and activities in the field of social prevention;
  • educates on the rights of users and forms of social security assistance and on the supportive networks in the local environment;
  • stimulates the participation and integration with institutes and organisations dealing with the social security at the local and regional level;
  • provides knowledge for an independent solving of professional problems at work;
  • encourages the creation of business identity, professional responsibility, professionalism and ethics and responsibility to providing quality at work.

The acquisition of competence:

  • mastery in communication skills and abilities of networking and flexible operation in different social and cultural environments;
  • knowing and understanding of the social security;
  • ability to use IT technologies for a successful support at work and management with documentation, data and information;
  • ability of analytical and creative thinking and independent decision-making as well as solving various issues;
  • self-initiative and expressing new ideas, adaptability to new situations, pro-active and initiative operation;
  • ability to set your own objectives, planning and monitoring of your own work and work of others, responsibility for quality and the outcome of the conducted work, as well as the promotion of knowledge transfer;
  • sensitivity and open-minded approach to people and social situations, understanding and respect for diversity as the quality, commitment to follow professional ethics and principles of equality;
  • recognition and understanding of personal crises and distress;
  • ability to understand the connections between the problems of individuals and broader social context, recognition of system obstacles and ability of adequate responding;
  • orientation in cooperation, work in group and teamwork.

Personal Contact

Contact person:
Anamarija Meglič


Phone: +386 1 5881 327

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