Programme presentation


Economist – Business field of study

Programme presentation

The objective of study

 The aim of the study is to provide practical knowledge for managing and operating various business processes in the field of marketing, sale, purchase, logistics and provision of quality. 

The acquired title after graduationeconomist

The higher education programme Economist – Business field of study:

  • links the knowledge in the fields of financial operation, marketing, management and trade;
  • promotes the ability of conceptual thinking and the usefulness of applications and databases for an efficient dealing with customers, the design and implementation of solutions in economic operations;
  • provides the acquisition of skills related to the control of methodology and the objectives of monitoring the market and the competition;
  • stimulates the transfer of knowledge;
  • combines the knowledge in the fields of efficient operations by using contemporary IT technologies, basic mathematical-statistical methods as well as principles of organisation and integral management system;
  • stimulates teamwork, as well as a successful and efficient business communication.

 The acquisition of competence:

  • information management and linking the information knowledge with business functions;
  • ability to manage, plan, organise and control the business processes;
  • understanding the legislation and regulations, documentation and processes related to the field of economic sciences;
  • proficiency in foreign languages;
  • ability to independent decision-making and monitoring of business decisions;
  • acquisition of knowledge to analyse statistical data for the market needs, efficiency of operation and marketing of services, business processes and ability to recognise and define the economics policy, circumstances and conditions in the international environment

Personal Contact

Contact person:
Anamarija Meglič, mag.


Phone: +386 1 5881 327

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