What is student life in Slovenia like?

11. 05. 2022

What is student life in Slovenia like?


Slovenia has been one of the hottest destinations for foreign students in recent years. It is one of the safest European countries, it offers a fairly low cost of living and it is pampering everyone with amazing nature, history, and scenery. Students benefit from transportation, meals, student work and entertainment subsidies, which makes their experience even more pleasing and enjoyable. Let’s see why…



There are quite a few government subsidies for students in Slovenia. Slovenia is the only European country where students get a subsidized meal in the form of coupons (also called ‘bons’). The average price for a subsidized meal is 3 euros. Transportation is cheaper for students too. In Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a student pays 20 euros per month for a subsidized bus ticket. The advantage for all students in Slovenia is the possibility of employment with the help of the Student Service, where the minimum hourly wage rate is 5.21 euros.



According to the Global Peace Index (2021), Slovenia is the 5th safest country on the planet! Slovenians experience an extremely low crime rate and low terrorism risk. Most crimes, should they take place, are non-violent and directed toward obtaining property and are rare in comparison with rates in the U.S. or neighboring European countries.


Cost of living

Accommodation options include dormitories or private residences. Student dormitories are very affordable – the price range is between 80 euros and 160 euros per person/month. One can rent a room in a private apartment with prices ranging from 150 euros to 400 euros a month. Although nowadays students opt for sharing an apartment and splitting the rental costs. The average price for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant is 8 euros, and you can have a cup of coffee for 1.5 euros.


Graduate probation year

Students can use an extra year of studies at the end of the last academic year. During that year, they keep their student status and enjoy the same terms and conditions as other students. It is a great opportunity to prepare well for a thesis and to enjoy student life a bit longer.


Work after graduation

Luckily, Slovenia belongs to a small group of European countries where foreign students can be officially employed, which means they do not lose their student status and privileges. This, of course, is a great opportunity to make extra money but, more importantly, to continue working after graduation. During study time, the Students Services organization (Študentski servis) will take care of the whole work experience. There are also several online platforms for job searches.


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