Career Workshop: Prepare for the unknown – how to succeed in job interviews

29. 01. 2019

Workshop title: Prepare for the unknown: how to succeed in job interviews

Date: Tuesday, 29. 01. 2019, 16:30pm

Location: GEA College, room 4

Short description of the workshop:

Nobody really knows what to expect from a job interview as every employer is different, some have a more structured approach, others don’t. So it is a black hole we are all going in and hoping for the best trying to have some preset answers to questions that have been asked since decades. Yet, what makes us the one person to hire out of the crowd who all have no clue, including you?

Sabrina will give a few examples and tipps how to prepare for the unknown and be successful even if you don’t really know what will await you.

The workshop will be held in English!

About the lecturer:

 Sabrina Dick

Sabrina Dick is the HR Director for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) at SAP and together with her team she supports 16 countries and 4,000+ employees from an HR perspective.  She is responsible for defining and executing the HR strategy in the Market Unit and is a member of the CEE Management Team. Prior to taking over this role, Sabrina has held several positions at SAP both in Business as well as HR functions in the past 10+ years. She holds a degree in International Business and Intercultural Studies from Heilbronn University (Diplom-Betriebswirtin(FH)) in Germany. Identifying potential in individuals and helping them grow is one of Sabrina’s biggest passions. She strongly believes in the power of diversity and therefore loves working at an international company like SAP. Making processes more efficient to enable the business to take faster and better decisions is what drives her day in and day out.

In her private life Sabrina finds her balance to work as well as regularly tests her physical limits by being an active CrossFitter. She loves to travel, has a special interest in foreign cultures, and likes being surrounded by family and friends.

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