Career webinar: ModernWork – Self-leadership

22. 11. 2018

Webinar:  ModernWork – Self-leadership

Date: Thursday, 22.11.2018, 15h

Short description of the webinar:

In this webinar we will focus on the essentials of self-leadership with it’s freedom and responsibilities. The goal is to deepen the understanding of the term and  the concept self-leadership as well as prepare students for their own future. Self awareness was never more important than it is today. The freedom of modern ways of working exist only if you can handle it!

The webinar will be held in English, and will be accessable over the – GEA College. Applications are obligatory:


About the lecturers:

Nils Schnell, Germany
Founder, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer
Loves and lives the possibilities of how growth-centric mindsets shape modern ways of working. Has worked several years in highly innovative contexts as an employee at trivago and Jimdo, as well as full time with MOWOMIND. Has coached, trained and facilitated for almost 10 years. Currently teaches at the university of Hamburg and Kiel with focus on ModernWork topics and team management. Developed the TRAINITY modelOn occasion. Loves to work with more extreme formats, e.g. intense coaching retreats, implementation of in-house learning formats, team building in nature and challenging the status quo on a meta scale.

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