Students will enjoy studying in our beautiful, green Ljubljana.
You will have full access to our comprehensive library with a wide selection of different literature, Wi-Fi, GVIN BI platform and to ALUMNI at GEA College and UNYP.

Our MBA is an 18-month program, with courses of a total of 36 in-class delivery hours spread over two full weekends. You will also attend one course in Prague.

Most courses comprise a total of 36 in-class delivery hours spread over two full weekends. You will also enoy one course in Prague.


14 months of compulsory courses

4 months of consultancy project

18 months of MBA program


The program is ideally suited for working professionals who do not have the option of taking considerable time off work to further their studies. However, the study demands a significant time commitment, so the benefits of such an investment cannot be underestimated. All courses are run on weekends, allowing you to continue to work while pursuing an MBA degree. Moreover, the entire schedule is mapped out in advance, so the participants can plan and balance their work, private lives, and studies.


The MBA program is delivered in four phases:

Orientation and PRE-MBA FUNDAMENTALS WORKSHOPS in quantitative analyisis, accounting and finance. A series of SUCCESSIVE CORE COURSES which cover main business areas, building on each other as students develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. CONCENTRATION COURSES, offered based on student demand CONSULTANCY PROJECT, which students work on over five months with a dedicated faculty mentor.


Osebni Kontakt:

Kontaktna oseba:
Nina Pristov


Telefon: + 386 1 5881 325

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