MONDAY business english club – za redni stik z jezikom



Izobraževanje primerno za: vse, ki želite nadgraditi znanje angleškega jezika (predvsem govor) in obogatiti besedni zaklad s področja poslovnega sveta. Za vse tiste, ki želite bolj samozavestno nastopiti, ko potrebujete govoriti v angleškem jeziku. In tiste, ki želite biti bolj redno v stiku z jezikom. Pa tudi tiste, ki želite preživeti ponedeljke v dobri družbi. Program primeren za stopnjo B1, B2.


Cilji izobraževanja:

  • Trening govora, govornih veščin v angleškem jeziku.

  • Širitev besednega zaklada s področja poslovne angleščine.

  • Uspešno obvladovanje najpogostejših poslovnih situacij.

  • Reden stik z angleškim jezikom.

  • Bolj samozavestna raba angleškega jezika



About the study material

We are really happy to help you improve your English which seems to be more and more present in today’s business world. This course deals with the topic of business and presents a rich vocabulary bank for anyone working in practically any business area. The focus throughout is on communication skills with the aim to get you talking about your field of work fluently. Remember, the more you use the language, the better you become at it.

The material includes an introduction followed by eight modules which cover the basics to setting up and managing a company. More precisely, the modules cover the following topics:


  • Introduction to Business English,

  • Company Structure,

  • Setting Up a Company,

  • Recruitment,

  • Products and Services,

  • Import and Export,

  • Marketing and Advertising,

  • Your Customer,

  • You.

The material is meant to cover all the topics connected with business, starting from the company presentation, followed by business areas that are important in managing a company, and concluded with the focus on You, the participant in this course.

Below is a more detailed presentation of each module.

Module 1 - INTRO
Module 2 - Setting up a company
Module 3 - Recruitment
Module 4 - Products and services
Module 5 - Import and export
Module 6 - Marketing and advertising
Module 7 - Your customer
Module 8 - You

Modules can be studied separately or one after another as provided in the list. However, being aware that not two same courses exist although the same material is used in every, there are, besides the already provided topics within each module, a number of other sub-topics that can be covered in the class with the language trainer. These sub-topics can be acquired and/or formed during the course. For more information and/or material, please turn to your trainer of this course. The material is based on the approved Longman, Oxford and Cambridge certified material on English for business purposes.

We invite you to read through the material in front of you and wish you all the best with your English course on Business!

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