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Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to have fun in summer and gain entrepreneurial skills at the same time? Join our fun entrepreneurship programme and become FUNTREPRENEUR.

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Future belongs to FUNTREPRENEURSHIP!

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Scholarships for foreign candidates

Convince us you are the best candidate for this amazing programme, send us your motivation letter and video and apply for the programme. Scholarship is available to all foreign candidates. For all  details and informations click button below. . Do not miss it!


Why Bootcamp and not classic summer school?

  • We will show you what others only talk about!

  • You will go out of the classroom and experience real entrepreneurship lifestyle!

  • We will give you SHOW-HOW not only KNOW-HOW

  • Get to know FUNtrepreneurship through fun and intense summer experience!

Visit to 5 TOP successful  Slovenian companies – Facing 5 real business challenges

What: 1 or 2 week summer course of Entrepreneurship
Who for: all enthusiastic young adults (between 18 and 28 years)  from all over the world who have a passion for entrepreneurship and networking.
When: From July 3 to July 15, 2017
Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia – safe, beautiful and charming
How much: From 450 EUR



Is a one or two-week programme open to future and recent undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world. Over this intense but extremely fun and unique course focused on entrepreneurship we will equip you with knowledge, skills and techniques needed in a modern business world. Working on real case studies, business trainings with successful entrepreneurs, company visits and modern teaching methods combined with daily trips, interesting social activities and great international networking are main characteristic of the Bootcamp 4 Future Entrepreneurs organized by GEA College Faculty of Entrepreneurship. Learning entrepreneurship through fun and exciting activities will make you a true FUNtrepreneur, a new form of modern entrepreneurship.


  • Study at GEA College – the leading private Faculty specialized in Entrepreneurship in the region, with more than 25 years of excellence in teaching and creating successful entrepreneurs.

  • Attend interesting, intense and practically oriented programme in English. Obtain new and crucial entrepreneurial knowledge, competences and skills.

  • Earn ECTS credits that are internationally recognized.

  • Learn how to work on case studies and real business cases. Prepare yourself for real business life.

  • Meet some of the most successful entrepreneurs, managers and experience companies in the region.

  • Gain international and intercultural experience. Create a strong network of new friends from all over the world.

  • Improve English language skills.

  • Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and European Green Capital 2016 – Enjoy summer in one of the most beautiful European capitals by Lonely Planet

  • Learn through fun and modern teaching approaches and have an awesome summer experience.

  • Combine traveling and learning. Visit new Slovenian cities and places.

  • Become FUNtrepreneur!

we will make sure your time will be well spent, you will gain new entrepreneurial knowledge, get to work on real business cases and meet encouraging entrepreneurs and businessmen. Along this interesting learning journey you will have lots of fun. Learning entrepreneurship through fun has never been better!

GEA College - WTCBootcamp 4 Future Entrepreneurs is an international summer school introduced by the GEA College – Faculty of Entrepreneurship, the leading private faculty specialized in entrepreneurship in Slovenia and wider region. The programme was created in order to combine entrepreneurial knowledge with fun and exciting travel experience. A very practically oriented programme will allow participants to learn and enjoy at the same time. New, interactive study approaches and techniques will not only open new business horizons but also enable all participants to get involved in real businesses and meet successful entrepreneurs.

Learning entrepreneurship has to be fun, proactive, and dynamic. Programme will encourage individuals to work as a strong team and challenge themselves in interesting and diverse business challenges. It is time for a new era in teaching and learning entrepreneurship…it is time for FUNtrepreneurship! 🙂 



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