This unique, intensive and very practically oriented course consists of two week programme. We won’t only work hard but especially smart! Therefore there will be enough time for fun, networking and social activities. Combining study with pleasure is the right formula for a great summer school programme which will truly fulfil your expectations.

We encourage attendees to apply for 2 week programme and take full advantage of this unforgettable entrepreneurship study programme. Gain skills and equip yourself with knowledge and business connections which will help you on your future career path.

curriculum of the programme is designed by the standards that are meeting for ETCS credit points. Programme credit points for both weeks are recognized and equivalent to 14 ECTS. In order to transfer credits, each participant’s home university has to confirm the course. We encourage the students to contact their study abroad office in advance to learn about the regulations and rules.

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This week we will introduce you to entrepreneurial way of thinking and help you design your entrepreneurial life. To do so, we will teach you use the contemporary and popular methods of work from collage technique for developing vision; IDEO for generating business ideas; world café workshop to share ideas and to develop them; talking to young successful Slovenian entrepreneurs who succeeded with crowd funding; we will foster your creativity in enriching business ideas and developing prototypes; there will be time for validating the business ideas especially from the market testing point of view, and to prepare for the selected idea an innovative business model which you will train to communicate to the audience of potential investors by elevator pitch.
All the teaching and training process will be intertwined with constant interaction of all participants and guests, who will share their knowledge, experience and amazing stories of success or failure in the classroom and out of the classroom – at the companies’ sites or in different labs, business accelerator or else. … you will live the difference and working in teams will bring you closer to your mates from different countries and cultures.

Course plan: 

  • 35 hours of lecturers

  • 40 hours of corporate seminars


ECTS Credits: 

  • 8 points

Course Schedule


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Learning outcomes:


Innovation and innovative business models

Validation of ideas

Business communication

Sales and marketing



Marina Letonja 3

Marina Letonja“There is simply only one word to describe Bootcamp 4 Future Entrepreneurs – it is a fantastic experience for all who want to learn the art and science of developing innovative business ideas, prototypes, business models for the companies of the future. The experienced teachers and young entrepreneurs will teach, train and prepare you for the challenges of entrepreneurial life – you will live the difference and make life-long friends from many different cultures and countries.”


Practice, practice, practice! “Practice makes the master.” (Patrick Rothfuss)

2 WEEKThis week it will all be about the case studies, real business cases and real businesses problem solving. In five days we will visit 5 successful, fast growing and innovative companies from different and demanding industries. Each day you will face an interesting challenge; to work on a case study of the hosting company. Your team goal will be to find the best business solution and solve the case. You will have the chance to present your business solutions to top managers and owners. Best proposals and solutions will be announced and rewarded.

Having the opportunity to spend a day in a successful company and work on real cases is the best simulation of how the real business and an entrepreneurial day-life looks like. A certain level of pressure, high expectations and strong will to achieve the goal and solve the case will help to bring you out of your comfort zone and bring out the best from you. Along this incredible learning and creative process you will be encouraged and guided by qualified mentors and business coaches.


Visit to 5 TOP successful  Slovenian companies – Facing 5 real business challenges




Company is one of the leading manufacturers of fountain pens, roller ball pens and inks in Europe. Their development is based on innovative ideas, quality and flexibility.


EKIPA2 – Outfit 7 Group

Ekipa2 is a member of Outfit7 Group, one of the fastest growing mobile app and entertainment companies on the planet, best known for its Talking Tom and Friends franchise.



Smart Com has over 26 years tradition of technology excellence in ICT system integration. Network Virtualisation, Cyber Security solutions, OSS/BSS Systems are some of their strongest expertise.



Leading omnichannel, multi-brand and direct-to-consumer electronic retailer in Central & Eastern Europe, with vertically-integrated network reaching more than 317 million consumers across 21 countries.


MIK Celje

Great and respected company with tradition in producing modern, High quality  plastic, aluminium, and wooden windows and doors.


Course plan: 

  • 15 hours of lecturers

  • 45 hours of corporate seminars

ECTS Credits: 

  • 6 points

Course Schedule


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 Learning outcomes:

Students will gain basic knowledge and understanding of management and financing successful growing businesses. They will get insight in basic approaches to management of growing businesses including all internal and external factors.

Marjana Merkač

Marjana Merkač Skok “Your participation in Bootcamp 4 Future Entrepreneurs will be an unforgettable experience that will facilitate decisions on your career path. You will get specific, practical skills and knowledge for your entrepreneurial journey. Fast, efficient, in the great company of your peers from different countries and under the supervision of excellent speakers, you will learn about your entrepreneurial potential and main approaches for the implementation of business ideas and development of the company. At the same time you will have a chance to learn in real environment about good practices of some of the best Slovenian companies and explore the secrets of their success in the field of finance, innovation, human resources , marketing and internationalization.”

Mitja Jeraj

Mitja Jeraj I believe our boot camp will give participants from Slovenia and from abroad a highly applicable and practical skill set to be successful in the business world. You will learn the latest trends on fields of startup process, lean startup principles, crowd funding, and receive business related applicable knowledge. In addition to that you will have the opportunity to team up with mentors, to work in international teams and learn pitching techniques. If you are brave enough or striving to work for your own account someday, this sure is the right programme for you.









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