Students testimonials


Jari Eeckhout, Belgium“Boy, am I glad I did take on the challenge after all! It’s frightening to jump straight into the unknown, and that for 2 weeks, but I enjoyed every second! My life enjoyed a complete overhaul and am very thankful to my past self for applying!.”



Kateryna Verbytska, Ukaraine“I was looking for an international summer school that would be focused not only on some theoretical knowledge on a field of business and marketing, but also creates an environment where this knowledge given on the “school bench“ could be practised. So, as soon as I had seen an advertisement of the Bootcamp in the Information System of my school, School of Finance and Administration, I decided to apply for it.The process of studying this programme exceeded my expectations. The lectures were given by qualified specialists that had extensive experience. The audience was extremely involved into a lecture by asking questions and first of all, using that information to work on our projects and to make a presentation on them. I should also mention, despite of the fact that study was quite intensive, our team had really a lot of fun working on the project as well. I found rather interesting and stimulating visit to Polygon and ABC Accelerator, where we were acquainted how new start-ups had been pushing.And of course, I’ve got a great number of impressions getting to know Slovenia. Each day was full of remarkable moments. We got as much personal attention as it possible, and I appreciate it.All in all, the conclusion I drew after the end of the week 1. is that I missed a lot not having been applied on the week 2. I’ve spent wonderful seven days in Slovenia.”


Zhang Yayi

Zhang Yayi, China“Actually, I really like this camp and definitely I will recommend it to my schoolmates. I’ve learned a lot from the professors and cases in companies during these two weeks. And also, I do appreciate the trip in Slovenia because of you really have a good private driver and tour guide :)”

B4FE Partners testimonials

Uroš Rosa

Uroš Rosa – CEO, Akrapovič“We were positively surprised by the solutions the students came up with in such a short time. The challenge of entering the South American market that we presented to the students was far from easy, and it triggered a real discussion on the hurdles the company is tackling in expanding its sales network on other continents.”

Marko Lotrič – General manager, Lotrič Metrology“We are always pleased, when we are invited in the project like this. In each project, we were impressed by the results, and again, we were thrilled by the excellent proposals to our case study.
The best mentors and best students gave us new, innovative ideas how to manage human resource.”


Uroš Rošer – Assistant General Manager, MIK Celje“With organizing a Bootcamp, GEA College ensured interesting experience for students – participants, as well as for us as a company. After thorough preparatory work, we spent a creative day together on which students, with the help of professor, solved the challenges from the practice, with which MIK company is facing in foreign markets, with theoretical basis. At the end of the day, we listened to presentations of students with their arguments.In my opinion, case study learning is the most successful form of study because it forces students directly to think about concrete situations and relates theory to actual situations, while raising the level of general knowledge and enables to overcome the obstacles of public appearances. ”









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